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The Health‑e‑Arizona FAX Cover Sheet is a pdf document displaying a list of the required verification for a Health‑e‑Arizona application, based on the information keyed in the application. Each verification requirement has a check box next to it. When the FAX Cover Sheet is accompanied by the verification document, the check box should be marked.
The required verification factors that One‑e‑App may display on the FAX Cover Sheets are separated as follows:
The remaining pages of the pdf document list examples of verification that are acceptable for each verification requirement.
For procedures on how to access and view the FAX Cover Sheets and accompanying documents, see the APPLICATION DETAILS screen.
New FAX Cover Sheets can be printed for an application and used to FAX documents into the One‑e‑App system. Print FAX Cover Sheets for an application from any of the following screens:
Whenever possible, FAX permanent verification documents received in the local office into One‑e‑App. Permanent documentation is retained in One‑e‑App indefinitely, and is available when an applicant applies or renews through Health‑e‑Arizona.
FAX documents into Health‑e‑Arizona as follows: